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circa 1955 circa 1956 circa 1957 circa 1958 circa 1959
PES First Grade 1962 PES Second Grade 1963 PES Third Grade 1964 PES Fourth Grade 1965 PES Fifth Grade 1966
PES Sixth Grade 1967 PJHS Seventh Grade 1968 PJHS Eighth Grade 1969 PHS Freshman 1970 PHS Sophomore 1971
PHS Junior 1972 PHS Senior 1973 Arkansas State First Year 1974 Arkansas State Second Year 1975 Arkansas State Senior 1976
Dickey took this when at my second Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, around 1982-1983. At the 2000 KXAR Reunion, with former boss Robin Spurlin and our host/alumni Mike Huckabee Late 2006 July 2013, Rachel Hale, other American Idol contestants, Pat and I October 2015

I am an optimist. "A pessimist is a person who turns to the last page of a history book to see how it ends." (definition by Danny Stewart, circa 1980).

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